“The BREASTation” – A Commitment From the Heart

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How does one thank those who make her dream come true?  The words “thank you” don’t even begin to express the gratitude that I have for Kirk Jaco and Dr. Saul Berger for making BREASTation.com a reality.  When the three of us sat down together many months ago to create a project that would provide information and education to women worldwide with regard to breast health and support, we had no idea about  how that would evolve and so much has changed since that initial meeting.  But, in my wildest imagination, I would never have conceived of this project as it has resulted.

I would imagine by now that you might just be understanding how grateful I am for Kirk and Dr. Berger for creating such a wonderful opportunity for all of us.

I do realize that although the site is up and running, this is only the beginning.  I know how much work it took to get this far.  You may already be familiar with Kirk, who is my husband, from the Let Life Happen website as well as from WhirlyDudes.com and his Social Media presence at Limousine Connection.  Obviously, he already had a huge amount of work on his plate when he agreed to be involved with BREASTation.com.  But, I never realized how much work that would be. It takes countless hours to film the footage, create the concepts, edit the product, assist with the marketing and still be a participant on camera.

Then we have Dr. Berger who has a very busy surgical schedule along with an office that is open on a full-time basis to handle all of the consultations, follow up visitations and in-office surgical procedures.  Thank heavens for the awesome professional office staff that he employs to keep things running like clockwork and to make the patient experience as smooth as possible.  Now add to that the request from me to facilitate this new series and to not only provide the content on camera but to also have to review and approve the content and to provide auxiliary materials that will enhance the information.

Ah, but the marriage of these two very special people into this project makes all of the difference.  Each is expert in his respective arena but they have a combined commitment to a mutual goal of helping others.  They bring their very hearts and souls to everything they do in an effort to create the very best series possible.  And both have a unique desire to showcase their very best in everything they do.

So, I encourage you to make a stop at The BREASTation and see what is going on.  Not only will you learn something new but also I think you will appreciate the very unique presentation that has been designed.  If you are like me, you will embrace the opportunity to understand what will actually occur during a procedure that you are considering by being able to see the actual procedure being performed.  By being able to do so, I believe that much of the fear and concern attached to not knowing what to expect will be removed.

In addition, you will find help and advice for maintaining good breast health and care.  There will be support for those who are assisting with the care of those who are undergoing various procedures and for those who are contemplating their own reconstruction or may need assistance with other breast issues.  But, the one exciting difference is that all of this is being created and recorded in the atmosphere where you will find that everyone from the doctor to his office staff and his “non medical assistant” know what it means to work together as a team that not only loves what they are doing but knows how to provide a wonderful patient experience.

I would imagine by now that you might just be understanding how grateful I am for Kirk and Dr. Berger for creating such a wonderful opportunity for all of us.  I appreciate their commitment of time and energy and understand that they are currently involved in a herculean effort considering the schedules that they both have that are independent of this effort.  But, I do know what they already have on the schedule for this project and again, I am most grateful.  You will just have to see for yourselves as we continue to grow.

Hope to see you at BREASTation soon.  We are all here to help you.