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Slender women have a HIGHER risk of breast cancer, study warns

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

By: Mia De Graaf From: Slender women have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, a new study warns. Scientists evaluated fat tissue from the breast and blood samples of 72 women with normal body-mass indices – less than 25. They found that 40 percent of them had ominous inflammation in their breast fat tissue. The reason, they believe, …

Wow. Agios’ Experimental Leukemia Drug Makes Cancer Undetectable In Three Patients

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

By: Matthew Harper From: Agios, a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Mass., has seemed in some ways a sign of the overexcitement of the recent biotech boom. After all, the company, despite an experienced management team, a July public stock offering that raised more than $100 million, and great scientific ideas, hasn’t been able to show a single result …