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Familial breast cancer may be preventable by medication: Austrian experts

In Clinical Trials by Barbara Jacoby

Source: Xinhua From: Breast cancer passed down in families may be preventable by the medication Denosumab, which is undergoing a five-year study in Austria. The Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group is leading the work as it examines the drug’s effectiveness on 2,950 patients with a hereditary disposition to this particular form of cancer, according to an Austria …

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Warfarin may prevent cancer

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

By: Honor Whiteman From: Warfarin is a medication used to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. A new study, however, suggests that the drug may also help to reduce the risk of cancer, particularly for people aged 50 and older. Study co-author James B. Lorens, Ph.D., of the University of Bergen in Norway, and colleagues recently reported …