Spring Fever

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I can’t seem to focus on a single thing today.  I keep looking out the window and seeing the bright sunshine and am so excited that this is the first time in 5 weekends that it hasn’t rained.  I know that the temperatures are suppose to be around 80 degrees for the next few days and we are now back to daylight savings time and I am just bursting with excitement and ready to head outdoors.  Next weekend, we will be attending a family wedding and Easter is just a couple of weeks away.  And the official start of Spring is just around the corner.  How can I take on any serious issue today?  Well, the fact is, I can’t.

I need to just break loose.  I feel like running until I am exhausted.  I need to enjoy all of the beauty of this day and the great outdoors before I have to return to my desk tomorrow.  And I get to think about the wedding of a mid 20’s couple who have all of the excitement of a wonderful life together right there in front of them.

Would I want to be in my mid 20’s again?  No way!  At that age, we were all still changing and evolving into the true adults that we eventually become.  As the years passed, I learned so much about life and myself.  I stopped taking everything so seriously.  I stopped worrying about every little detail about my appearance and my choices and what everyone thought about me.  When you come right down to it, nobody cares what I do or how I look, etc. because they are too busy caring about how they look and what they do and what others think.  Oh, sure, you always have some people who are so unhappy with themselves that they have to focus on what they perceive as flaws in others but why care about that?  If the purpose of each day is to spend it outside of yourself, you will never know the wonder of what it is like to really be happy and that is a sad, sad situation. 

But each of us can make our own choices about who we want to be, how we want to live and who else we want to have in our lives.  And believe me, it is a whole lot more fun and exciting and interesting to accept others for exact who and what they are than to judge them and make decisions about what they should do and be.  If those decisions about others were really something that could make a difference in our personal lives, then I could understand it.  But they don’t, so they are nothing more than a major waste of our good energy that I would rather use for something else like getting ready and heading outdoors to enjoy the beautiful day that we have been given.  So have yourselves a wonderful week and enjoy it for every great and positive moment that you can capture from it.

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