Rare Patient Voice Research opportunity for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) patients that have been on the medication Calquence

In Paid Opportunities For The Cancer Community by Barbara Jacoby


100-minute Online Bulletin Board (OBB) (20-minutes per day for 5 days), plus a 45-minute follow up web-assisted phone interview

Please sign up at the link below to receive an email invite to the survey. 


$170 for the OBB, and $75 for the interview

Now accepting Residents from ALL Countries!!

* Companies have finally realized the REAL EXPERTS are the Patients and Caregivers!
* Better products, services, and treatments, Start with Better Research. They need YOUR input and are willing to pay $100 an hour for it!

Signup Today and let YOUR Voice be heard!

Why Sign up with Rare Patient Voice?

Who knows better than you about your journey and experiences?  We connect you with researchers who are developing products and services which can help you and others with your condition. These researchers need patient input so that they develop products and services that have a meaningful impact on patients’ lives. Over the past seven years, Rare Patient Voice has paid patients over $6 million dollars.