Physician Releases Fresh Perspective on Cancer Treatment in New Book

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Dr. Alexandre Rushenas, M.D., lays bare common notions of the disease as a ‘fight’ and draws on the healing power of the cellular response to authentic emotions and unconditional love in “Cancer, I Love You”

A Canada-based author and medical doctor who works in emergency medicine has released an inspirational and revolutionary approach to cancer that aims to help others learn about the powerful means of communication that exists between people and their cells.

In “Cancer, I Love You,” Dr. Alexandre Rushenas, M.D., presents both his personal journey to becoming a physician and understanding the full potential of the human body as well as an avant-garde tool that brings new meaning to the word “cancer” and diverges from the notion that the disease is a battle to be fought and won.

“This book is the first of its kind – a new way to approach cancer and give hope to others as well as a fresh perspective on our world and our individual bodies,” Dr. Rushenas said. “Most cancer patients are regularly told about how they must fight against their disease, that it is a war. My method is in complete opposition to that notion, as it promotes an unloving and fear-driven taboo around cancer and its treatment.”

Available in both French and English, “Cancer, I Love You” puts forth an innovative and personable approach based on humans’ cellular response to their emotions and provides readers with a new way to live with cancer and its treatments. Ultimately, Dr. Rushenas aims to equip others with important techniques relating to the practice and control of authentic emotions so that they may experience unconditional love and accelerate the healing process.

“Cancer, I Love You”

By Dr. Alexandre Rushenas, M.D.

ISBN: 978-1-4834-8734-2 (paperback); 978-1-4834-8156-2 (electronic)

Available through Lulu, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

About the author

Dr. Alexandre Rushenas is an emergency doctor and earned his medical degree in France. He is also the author of “Le Sang-Graal,” and he currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario, with his wife and two daughters. To learn more, please visit