Are People Changing for the Better?

In Creating Happiness, Recent Posts by Barbara Jacoby

People change featureI am not exactly sure what is precipitating some of my normal thought processes lately but a very unusual thought came into my mind today and that has to do with the behavior of those with whom I have been interacting lately.  What I have noticed is that whether it has been in the social media world or in my own personal life where I am interacting with lots of people on a daily basis, something has changed.  There is a kinder, gentler and more tolerant feeling in the air and I must say that I just love it.

I am interacting with lots of people on a daily basis, something has changed.  There is a kinder, gentler and more tolerant feeling in the air and I must say that I just love it.

I didn’t notice it at first.  It was so nice when I was sitting in on a meeting where everyone seemed to be interacting very well and not making smart comments or providing snarky remarks if they were not in agreement with an idea that was way off the mark from what was being discussed.  Now it seemed that those same suggestions were met with complete silence and a bit of misdirection in order to move on to the next idea or topic.  Perhaps, after the meeting a couple of people would make a few remarks about what had happened and had a few giggles over it but that was the end of it.  In the past, after the meeting, those same people might have been angry for the wasting of their time and talk about how stupid or dumb the person was who completely missed the point of what was being requested.

I didn’t notice when there was a department gathering for the young lady who was about to go out on maternity leave. Everyone showed up, not just the women.  The decorations and even the food were over the top but created and executed within a group of the woman’s colleagues.  The contributions for the gift were awesome and the amount was so much greater than I think anyone of us would have imagined.  And most importantly, this response was not for one of the executives for whom people may feel obligated to show up and support in such an awesome manner.

I never noticed in the social media world but it seems like some of the negative drama of disagreement that may have been seen in the past is negligible now.  In the past, if someone was of an opposing opinion, the responses may have become a personal attack.  This is not to say that it no longer exists but what now happens is that if someone chooses to go in such a direction, they will not receive a response and more than likely will be deleted from at least any exchange if not from the recipients’ network platform.

I can’t tell you how refreshing this new world is to me.  It helps when you can focus on the things that really count like great ideas, thoughts, perceptions and exchanges rather than trying to figure out how to defend your own point of view and your right to share it without being attacked.  It is nice to have a true brainstorming session where all ideas are allowed and accepted without judgment, especially when they may be so far out of the box that they reside in the next county.  It is so awesome to support those around you in any way possible with regard to what they may be dealing with in their lives.  This includes not only the grand gestures that are given at the time of major life events but also just listening when someone needs to vent a little.

I don’t know what has caused the changes that I am seeing in my world but I sure am glad that I have finally noticed them and I am hoping that this is also occurring for everyone else as well.  I can’t believe that it is just me because I see it all around me with interactions that are outside of my control.  I can feel the difference in the air wherever I am and wherever I go and I see so many more strangers smiling and sharing a greeting.  I want what I am seeing and experiencing for everyone else, too, and I will do whatever I can to keep it going in my world.  And if it isn’t happening yet in your world, I sure hope that you will find the inspiration to create such a world around you.  It is unlike anything I could have imagined ahead of time if I had been out to create such an existence and I am grateful that the world is evolving this way.  We all deserve it.