ONCOVIA: Dedicated to the Beauty and Well-being of Cancer Patients

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While cancer research progresses, Oncovia reiterates their engagement in the fight against cancer through supportive care. Their mission is to facilitate the daily life of cancer patients and help ease the side effects of their treatments. This small, dynamic French company aims to help people restore self-confidence and femininity through beauty and well-being. Having already established partnerships with different Oncology departments in many health establishments in France, Oncovia is working towards increasing their reach internationally.

Young and Committed Co-Founders

In 2011, Marine Perrin and Cindy Bringuier, two sisters under 30 years old, quit their jobs and changed direction after losing their Mother to breast cancer. Both sisters felt the need to do something worthwhile, to go further and to offer support to cancer patients.

Working together, they created the project that is now known as, Oncovia. An online shop with a wide range of expert advice and products to help ease the side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other cancer treatments.

After confirmation that no single platform provided all the necessary advice, products and accessories to help people suffering from cancer, the project was launched. The two sisters decided to invest everything in the project in the hope of bringing a range of comforting solutions to diagnosed men and women during this extremely challenging time.

Oncovia, an Online Shop Dedicated to Cancer Patients

The Oncovia website provides a wide selection of products and expert advice that are perfectly adapted to people during and after cancer treatments, while at the same time, uniting a community of people actively working towards a cure and overall well-being. Carefully selected by cancer experts and professionals, the large choice of products is perfectly suitable for reactive and fragile skin.

Bamboo chemo headwear, cotton mastectomy bras, perfume-free moisturisers, serums to help boost lash regrowth, organic make-up or anti-UV nail polish with silicium, all products are safe, efficient and ideal for sensitive/reactive skin.

The website provides colour and originality with a vast selection of headscarves, turbans and wigs to help those with alopecia restore confidence after hair loss. The contemporary, extra soft and extremely easy to put on headwear adapts to all budgets.

It is well known that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and many choose not to have reconstructive breast surgery, instead opting for breast forms and special lingerie. A large selection of mastectomy lingerie and breast forms is available on the Oncovia website, offering optimum comfort and femininity to those looking for a modern collection that is updated regularly.

As well as cosmetics, headscarves and mastectomy bras, the website is overflowing with beauty and well-being advice to help cancer patients and their families live better with cancer and treatments.

They Have Put Their Trust in Oncovia

Over 50 brands have joined the Oncovia website, ranging from large companies renowned within the field of cancer, to young creators constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ideas. Oncovia only chooses high quality, essential products. Amongst the many partner brands, you will find:

  • Nicola Jane: An English brand specialising in lingerie for women who have had a mastectomy or breast operation. Their choice of products is affordable, simple and elegant.
  • Amoena: The #1 brand worldwide for women who have had a breast operation. They offer fashionable mastectomy bras, swimwear and breast forms for support and comfort.
  • Anita Care: Specialist brand in breast forms and mastectomy lingerie that are perfectly adapted to the morphology of women who have had breast surgery, the company offers optimal comfort and well-being.
  • Eye Care: An assortment of high-tolerance skin care and makeup products, as well as a range of colourful anti-UV silicium nail varnishes that are essential for protecting nails during chemotherapy treatments.
  • Couleur Caramel: The go-to-brand for innovating natural, organic makeup. Their cosmetics combine quality, natural ingredients, modern technology and a large choice of colours at accessible prices.
  • Evaux: The brand is committed to improving the quality of life and reducing the side effects of cancer treatments, with products containing trace elements from Evaux-les-Bains thermal spring water in France.
  • Christine Headwear: A selection of headwear designed by Danish creators, offering soft bamboo or cotton headscarves, hats, caps, turbans and bandanas for women suffering from alopecia.

Order from the Comfort of your Home

Oncovia is accessible all over Europe and North America in several languages: English, French, German and Italian. It’s simple! The customer has access to a full catalogue of products and can navigate easily and intuitively between the different product categories.

In a few clicks, the customer can order the products they need from the comfort of their home. Delivery is made discreetly to the customer’s front door or the address of their choice. If the customer changes their mind, they have 100 days to request a return on the website.

For those who are not comfortable using Internet, or who simply want a chat, a dedicated customer support hotline is available in 4 languages to help guide the person in their selection or place an order by telephone, from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (UK time).

Oncovia aims to provide a personalised and attentive customer support: Ranging from adapted advice, an extended return delay, secure payment … everything is done to help make life easier during this tough time.

Oncovia Customer Feedback

  • “Oncovia’s website is great and allowed me to find the right products for me” Patricia
  • “I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all the products available on your website… Regarding my situation, the closest store was 1 hour away… and the products available were far from feminine… so I say it again, a big thank you for helping me live better with my cancer” Floriane
  • “I continue coming back every time because my friends and family keep telling me that the headscarves recommended suit my complexion and personality perfectly, thank you” Sylvie
  • “A big thank you to Oncovia for their incredibly efficient Customer Support Team” Fabienne

About Oncovia

Created in 2011, Oncovia is an online store dedicated to the beauty and well-being of people diagnosed with cancer. The website offers a large selection of brands specialising in organic cosmetics, mastectomy lingerie, breast forms, quality wigs and comfortable headwear. Oncovia is also a charter member of the French National Institute of Cancer. Expert advice is also a main part of the website, accompanying cancer patients and their families to help them live better with cancer.