My Heroine: Breast Cancer and Friendship

In Inspirational Stories by Barbara Jacoby

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From left: Traci, Anastacia and Pam Olivia

By Pam Olivia

My heroine – Pamela Olivia

No not the drug, although she takes you on a high
She amazingly gifted and has a contagious smile
So beautiful and not just from the outside
Her inner glow is so bright
It’s like having sun in your eyes

So inspirational, and very naturally wise
She’s the topic of discussion
In so many conversations
Her gifts are unparalleled her story takes your breath
The strength and courage – riches of spiritual wealth

When I think of her – I think Winning
When I hear her voice – I think Powerful
When I hear her story – I cry, then I think Phenomenal
When I get a text – I smile and think, Friend
Always finding a way to begin again
She’s inspiring and the picture of hope
She’s Anastacia – my friend and My Heroine

And Traci – You are the glue that holds us all together!
Thank you for being a friend, major supporter and all around awesome human being…

These words are my flowers for you my friends – Love yall girlfriends – Pam aka PFunk

And by the way, Anastacia is an international singer/songwirter. Please check out her website! – Barbara Jacoby

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