Manual on How to Molest Children Is Legal

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I ran across this story today and I can’t believe what I read.  This is a true story that was reported on ABC News’ website and I can’t remember the last time when I was as livid as I am because of the information contained in the story.  In case you didn’t want to follow the link and read this, here it is in a nutshell.  A police department in Florida received a copy of a 170-page manual that explains in detail how to molest a child, how to find children to molest and how to convince a child to not tell his/her parents.  The police department has indicated that this piece has been in their hands for the last 6 months as they have been trying to track down the writer, someone who refers to himself as “the mule”.  But to email or possess the manual is not a crime.

I have to believe that if this manual has been in the hands of a police department for a half of a year, this piece has probably had a really wide distribution especially throughout the child molesters’ communities.  And to think that within a six-month period, the police still have not been able to track down its origin is really rather frightening.    

I haven’t the slightest idea about what to do or how to help in such an investigation and I am really quite sad about that.  The only thing that I could think to do is share the story here so that more people become aware of what is going on and perhaps that will include someone who might be able to help.  In addition, sharing this story may serve as a reminder to all people, especially parents, to keep an eye out for the children and to report any suspicious behavior.  If we all become just a little more diligent about being aware of our surroundings, perhaps we can avoid some of the attacks on the children that are happening.  We try to teach our children what to do about child predators and then we go mindlessly through our own days.

The other thing that is so very important is to be aware of changes in the behavior of the children around you.  Take the time to find out what is going on or what is bothering them and be prepared to act and react in a way that is supportive to the child if he/she has been a victim of such criminal activity.  And if the child knows who the perpetrator was, you must immediately contact the authorities, even if you might not want to so because it is a family member or friend, etc.  You are not trained to get to the truth and it is always better to err on the side of the child than to dismiss it.  And even if it is a situation where you think your child may just be seeking retribution, talk to your family doctor immediately for assistance with a physical exam and referrals to other medical personnel and agencies that can assist with the psychological aspects of your child’s health.  Any child who indicates that he/she is the victim of abuse, whether real or created, needs professional help.

Child abuse in any form will harm our children and if it is not dealt with, it will affect them for the rest of their lives.  Don’t let your children grow up to believe that the behavior inflicted on them by others is allowed to go unpunished.  Don’t let them for one minute believe that molestation is their fault.  Don’t let them think that when a perpetrator tells them that the act is done out of love that they hold on to this as being love in any form.  With the help of everyone in our communities, we can make a difference in protecting the children from those who think that it is okay to write a manual about how to abuse these same children.  Thank you for your help!!!

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