Let Life Happen Voted A Top Breast Cancer Blog For a Second Year In a Row

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Top blog featureI recently received notification that Let Life Happen was voted by the editors of Healthline.com as one of “The 24 Best Breast Cancer Health Blogs of 2013”.  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  After writing this weekly blog for 5 ½ years, I feel so honored to be recognized in this way for a second year in a row.  And then I started laughing out loud as I reminded myself that this has never been just my blog.  It has always been a team effort and I need to acknowledge the other half of this team.

…I reminded myself that this has never been just my blog.  It has always been a team effort and I need to acknowledge the other half of this team.

For those who know the back story, I started writing this blog a few days after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.  I love to write but I would never have had this opportunity if it were not for my husband, Kirk, who suggested that I write this blog and he would be responsible for the design and postings of all that was necessary to create and maintain the website.  We had done a project together before which is the Let Life Happen music CD which I still love so much more than I can ever say so after a bit of prodding, I finally agreed.

True to his word, Kirk dug in and created a most wonderful site that would house my weekly musings.  The site was completely revamped after 2 years to better showcase the direction taken by the new mission for this blogging.  Our goal has always been to find a way to help others and as I started to write about my experiences, I started to receive responses from people all over the world who understood exactly what I was writing because they had lived the same experiences.  I can’t tell you how many notes of gratitude I received from those who were so glad to know that they were not alone in their struggles whether it was dealing with cancer or abuse.  I can’t begin to assess how many questions I have answered or how many people have told me that my writing was making a difference in their lives. And what was most amazing to me was how I was feeling about myself and how I was healing, too.

In an ongoing effort to expand the work already begun here, the Let Life Happen Network has recently rolled out a new site “The BREASTation”.  Featuring the knowledge and expertise of the plastic surgeon who performed my reconstruction, Dr. Saul Berger, and the creativity and talents of my husband, Kirk, a very unique video series is being created to help women to learn about breast health and care as well as all of the options available to them regarding reconstruction and life both before and after surgery.  I know about lots of the pieces already in the works and they do include even some of the actual surgeries and procedures involved so that many of the fears that may exist may be removed, allowing for choices being made from an abundance of real knowledge rather than from possible misconceptions.  Ah, but there is so much more including something for everyone.  So, for my thinking, this award belongs to Kirk who supported and helped me in every way possible to find a whole new life after breast cancer and to all of those people who supported me through the tough times with encouragement and gratitude for my sharing with them.  I was given a gift to write about what I was experiencing and feeling and that was the best medicine for me.  There is no way that I could ever repay everyone for what they gave to me so I want to share this honor with all of you.  And, Kirk, now and always, you are on the top of the list for making Let Life Happen become one of the best.

P.S.  And if you get a chance, please make a stop at the BREASTation to see what we are doing to grow the Let Life Happen brand.  I hope you will find something there to help you and to share with others who are dealing with or who have dealt with breast cancer.