Keeping My Word

In Creating Happiness by Barbara Jacoby

I can’t believe that it won’t be long until I have written a weekly blog for one entire year. As I sat here tonight, I pondered whether I had the energy, even if I did have an idea, to write before the end of this day. After all, who would care? Who pays attention anyway? Would anyone even notice, other than Kirk, who does the actual posting? I know he would understand if I didn’t write.
I thought of lots of excuses. After all, I am really tired. I went back to work on Monday, just 6 days after surgery, which I am not sure was the smartest thing that I could have done. But, I promised that I would be there and I couldn’t break my word.

Thank heavens that the election was called early on Tuesday night because I just couldn’t imagine going to bed without knowing the outcome. After all, I followed this election on an almost daily basis for two years. I had to know if there was going to be any chance of a peaceful night of sleep.
Wednesday was filled with another busy day at work and off to the doctor’s office for my post-surgery follow up. Ah, the relief that one experiences when those drain tubes are removed and you can go home and take a shower. Despite the lack of energy, there was no way that I would have missed my appointment as I personally set the time and date and I really couldn’t wait for that time to come.

And then there was Thursday morning when the alarm went off and I didn’t know whether I could even get up and going. I just couldn’t get comfortable sleeping during the night and even the thought of getting ready made me more tired but I just knew that if I got up and going, I could get though the day.

By Friday morning, I had had it. I got up with some terrific pain and as I pushed through my getting ready, it got so intense for awhile that I thought that I would be sick to my stomach. Okay, it was a Friday and I certainly could make it through. After all, I had lots of work to do and I sure didn’t relish the idea of anything more piling up for the following week.

Don’t you just love the weekend? I pushed through, kept my commitments each day and although I was feeling far from perfect, I had made it. And when I got home, Kirk had done a ton of work so that I wouldn’t have to be bothered by anything and I could just relax the whole time.

I did get extra sleep over the weekend and the pain continues to subside with each passing day. Although I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow as I usually do, I will be there bright and early and will succeed at giving it all that I have to offer. After all, I am committed to be there and to do the work that has been assigned to me. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I think that I will go to bed!