Inspiration Time as a Cancer Survivor

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Ah, the weekend! Here it is, Saturday morning and I don’t have to get up at any particular time. Some people might think that I am lazy for not getting up and “doing” tons of things before the day goes by but I have learned something else that is far more valuable to me. I know that this is the most important time of the week for me as it is what I call my “inspiration time”. It is that quiet time when I don’t think about anything else in my life but allow for ideas to come regarding topics for my weekly blog, ideas for new projects, solutions to situations in my life, etc. And if nothing in particular comes to mind, that’s okay as there is always Sunday morning, too.

“So we need to allow ourselves an opportunity to direct our thoughts differently in order to find peace for ourselves or to be inspired to a solution.Barbara Jacoby

No, I did not just create “inspiration time”. It evolved from my experiences starting many years ago when I would wake up on Sunday mornings and the lyrics for what would become the songs that are on the “Let Life Happen” CD would burst forth and I would have a complete song written in 20 minutes. At the time that I received the inspirations, I had no idea what would become of what I thought at that time was poetry. But when I shared the “poems” with Kirk, he was inspired to write the music that would create the songs, even though he had never written music before.

I think the most important thing that has come from my “inspiration time” is the fact that if we want to be creative and inspired in our lives, we have to allow time to be just that. I have learned that it is not me who has come up with all of these lyrics and blogs and writing for all of these years.Rather is it the Lord God Almighty who has given me the guidance that has resulted in the work that I do. But when I filled my every free moment with some outside activity, I never had the opportunity to listen to what was available to me on the inside through divine guidance.

It may seem strange the first time that you allow yourself the freedom to take time for yourself in this way, especially if you fall asleep and feel as though you have accomplished nothing. But that is definitely not the case. Sometimes the mind takes over and gives you exactly what you need at that moment and that is a break.

For instance, if something happens that affects us negatively, we use our mind to just keep reliving the moment or the incident over and over and over without directing our thoughts to a way to either deal with or resolve the matter. So we need to allow ourselves an opportunity to direct our thoughts differently in order to find peace for ourselves or to be inspired to a solution. And just remember, an answer or a direction or an idea will always present itself as long as you keep yourself open so that you can see it when it presents itself.