“How Connie Got Her Rack Back”

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

“How Connie Got Her Rack Back” shares the incredible journey of Connie Bramer; a young woman, mom, daughter sister and friend who experienced breast cancer. Connie gives laugh out loud humor to her adventure, along with poignant moments of self-discovery as she blogs her way to good health.

From the first page of this book you are laughing out loud with tears, tearing up with empathy and all in between. Even though it’s Connie’s cancer journey, she brings so many relatable things to everyone experiencing this journey. She expresses genuine honesty and authentic thoughts throughout each chapter. Her spunky personality and humorous attitude has you bursting out in laughter. Her raw thoughts and feelings that she expresses about cancer, chemo and every step of the journey is thought provoking.

Whether you are a patient experiencing this journey, a family member or friend of someone experiencing cancer, this book will provide an uplifting spirit. This book offers a comfort level and relatable aspect that helps guide you through your own journey or your journey with your loved one. Also included are social media updates to friends and family and their responses.

When you read the loving responses, it’s completely heart-warming and like receiving a virtual hug. Connie had the strength to not only experience this journey but document her experiences to help others going through this as well. Not only did Connie write this amazing book, she went one step further and created GYRB; an organization providing meal delivery, grocery, gas and restaurant gift cards as well as physician/hospital co-pay assistance to cancer patients in Upstate NY.

For more information regarding “How Connie Got Her Rack Back,” visit https://www.amazon.com/How-Connie-Got-Rack-Back-ebook/dp/B0077ENYX2/ref=nodl_

For more information regarding GYRB visit https://gyrb.org