Helping Cooler Heads Prevail

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Scalp Cooling is a treatment for minimizing hair loss during chemotherapy. HairToStay is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to this important new treatment for chemotherapy patients regardless of their ability to pay.

For decades, thousands of women and men, in countries around the world have turned to scalp cooling to avoid the hair loss that can be an inevitable side effect of chemotherapy. In the U.S., scalp cooling has lived mostly in the shadows. However, that all changed in December 2015, when the FDA announced its first clearance of a scalp cooling system. Since then, both patient and provider interest in scalp cooling has exploded.

Hair loss is one of the most devastating side effects for chemotherapy patients, robbing them of their privacy, identity and sense of well-being. It may be difficult to believe, but a recent study found that 8% of patients refused potentially life-saving chemotherapy treatment due to the fear of losing their hair.

The HairToStay Mission

As the first and only national non-profit dedicated to increasing access to scalp cooling for patients with financial need, Hair To Stay strives to educate both the general public and health professionals about the benefits of scalp cooling, while subsidizing treatments for patients unable to cover the costs. HairToStay is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so donations are tax-deductible.

HairToStay Patient Subsidy Program

Scalp cooling for the prevention of chemo-related hair loss is still new in the U.S.  A few insurers will provide a very modest reimbursement of scalp cooling treatment costs if physicians prescribe a “cranial prosthesis,” but insurance coverage is not going to be the norm for some time. HairToStay is all about leveling this playing field by providing need-based grants, so that as many people as possible who are facing the prospect of chemo-induced hair loss, have access to an option that may help them keep their hair.  In our first six months of operation, we’ve approved more than 175 patient applications, testifying to the strong and growing demand for scalp cooling as it becomes recognized as a mainstream part of chemo treatment.

In order to be eligible to apply for a scalp cooling subsidy from HairToStay, patients must meet certain financial eligibility criteria and use a product from a scalp cooling supplier that has been approved as a HairToStay Qualified Scalp Cooling Supplier.

Join Our “HairRoots” Fundraising Movement—How You Can Help

HairToStay is funded by private donations, corporate donations, business partnerships and crowdsourced funding opportunities. We welcome your support as we continue to ensure that this important new medical treatment is available to those in need.

Here are a few ways individuals and businesses can support family, friends and loved ones.

  • Host Your Own Home Hair “Salon” Fundraising Gathering!

Gather your friends and business associates—anyone you think might be interested in learning about scalp cooling and being part of a national grassroots effort to ensure that scalp cooling is available for all, nationwide, and in your own community. HairToStay will provide invitations, a PowerPoint presentation and educational materials, and we’ll prepare your leader—or provide a guest spokesperson and scalp cooling patient—who can answer questions and inspire your group. For more information about hosting your own HairToStay Hair “Salon,” email Executive Director Bethany Hornthal at:

  • HairToStay Salon Challenge—Kicks Off with October Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Top salons across the country, including DiPietro Todd and Joseph Cozza in San Francisco, will be donating percentages of their hair care product sales to support HairToStay. Salons receive counter cards, window signs, and a custom designed Crowdrise fundraising page (we’ll do the work) for their clients to use.

  • Save it Forward—A Way to Give Back for Scalp Cooling Users

If you or someone you know has benefitted from scalp cooling or even from HairToStay funding, consider showing your gratitude by donating and/or fundraising to help others in the same way. HairToStay will create a personalized Crowdrise page for you to share with your friends and social networks.

Hair To Stay is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN: 45-3419887). We are on the ground floor of one of the most important breakthroughs in mitigating side effects from cancer treatment. We accept donations through our website, where you can make a tax deductible contribution to HairToStay. You’ll have the option of using PayPal or a credit/debit card, and will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Here’s how to Donate.

  • Individuals interested in making a tax-deductible donation toHairToStay click here.
  • Commercial or non-profit organizations interested in donating or partnering with HairToStayclick here.