Happy Easter to Everyone

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No matter whether you are or are not a Christian who celebrates this holiday, Easter heralds a rebirth or new beginning with its festivities. Although Spring officially arrived last month, most people wait until Easter Sunday to bring out their new outfits in beautiful bright colors and softer textures. Even the tulips and hyacinths and lilies are appearing everywhere and showing off their gorgeous blooms. The eggs are dyed in brilliant colors and decorated in preparation for the Easter baskets and lots of candy has been stashed away for delivery by the Easter bunny and includes the vibrant colors in the marshmallow peeps, the speckled malted eggs and, of course, the jelly beans.

“I think that it is time to clear out the old from the past and embrace the new of the future. Barbara Jacoby

At this time when many are celebrating the resurrection of their Savior, there is a rebirth and renewal of the Earth and all of the life around us. The trees are in bloom, the flowers have appeared above the ground and the sun is bright and warm. The world around us has a new beginning and it seems like this is a wonderful time to initiate our own individual new start.

While we are all busy doing the Spring cleaning in our homes, why not do a personal cleaning as well. It is a great time to throw out the old beliefs and habits that we have held onto for years that no longer fit. It is a great time to clear the cobwebs from our minds and allow for a clean slate of thinking and tolerance and acceptance of others. It is the perfect time to sweep away all of the bad habits that have accumulated and create a whole lot of new ones that represent a new beginning of a life that is built on peace and love and freedom.

I feel grateful for a chance at a new beginning that seems to fit perfectly with the ever-changing world around us. It seems like such a natural thing to do where we can mesh the changes that we need to make in our life with the rebirth around us. As we open up the windows to air out our homes, let’s open up our hearts and minds and release all of the negative stuff that has gathered over time. What a feeling it is to just take some deep breaths and release all of the stress and tension that we have been holding. Let’s kick up our heels and dance to some new music that is setting a new tone for us.

Yes, I think that I really like this holiday and all that it represents. I think that it is time to clear out the old from the past and embrace the new of the future. I believe that the lightness and brightness that is presented at this time of the year is perfect for not only enjoying the new beauty growing around us but also creating the same on the inside. So, on that note, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter and here is to a whole new beginning.