Happy 6th Anniversary to Let Life Happen

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Anni 6 featureI can’t believe it!  Every Sunday for the last 6 years, I have posted a blog without fail.  I’ve often thought that I would run out of ideas and wouldn’t know what to do if that happened but so far, so good.  However, when I wrote that first blog so many years ago, I never imagined how this whole site would evolve.

My goal has always been to be here to help and support those who were dealing with breast cancer as well as those who are family, friends and associates of those who are dealing with this cancer.  The support and help was then extended to those who were dealing with domestic abuse.  This was my complete focus for the first 5 years but as I read and learned more, I discovered that there was so much more that I wanted to do.  What I had done for 5 years became just a beginning and not the entire package of an idea and concept that is continuing to evolve.

And to all of you for making Let Life Happen such a success for 6 years, I am indebted.  I am looking forward to making Year 7 the best one ever and with your help, it will be.  Thank you always!

In May 2013, I launched an “In the News” feature on the site.  It became my goal to publish each day at least one article related to what is happening in the world of research, new drugs and therapies, clinical trials, etc. with a focus on breast cancer.  However, these articles are not limited in their scope and as I research the news and find other new major findings in other fields of healthcare, I find that I have a need to include these features as well.  If it is something that I feel can help someone to have up-to-date information in the world of their own world of disease to discuss with their doctor, I will include it.  And, in many situations, it helps to provide information that gives all of us hope for the future for better healthcare and treatment.

Then in August 2013, I launched a new site titled “The BREASTation” within the Let Life Happen family.  This site came about after having a discussion with my own breast cancer reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Saul Berger and my husband, Kirk Jaco, our project director, to create a video education series to help women throughout the world to learn more about breast health, breast cancer and reconstruction.  The site was conceived when I learned that only about 70% of women who have mastectomies are given any information about reconstruction and the options that they have.  Further, statistics provided have indicated that 89% of women who were considering reconstruction want to see the procedures and what is involved in order to make a choice of which option they wish to elect.  With such an underserved community, I knew we needed to help and with my own experience of not wanting to read endless pages of literature, the videos are a perfect answer.

I am so grateful for what we have achieved in this past year but we are not stopping there.  While I am not in a position to reveal any information at this time, I have already found two other underserved areas in the breast cancer arena that I wish to support.  Some plans are already underway for one of them while the second one will continue to evolve in my mind until I can get the time and resources that I need to develop it.

There is no way to tell you how much this work means to me but most importantly, I have to thank those who have joined me in social media and supported me and acknowledged that what I am doing is making a difference.  For each person who made the choice to join one of my social media sites, I am grateful because it was not because I asked you to do so but rather because you found something of value in what I am doing and will continue to do.  So please continue to stop by the Let Life Happen site to see what has been added each day and if there is something with which you need particular assistance, please let me know.  I want to hear from you.  I know how important it is to write about what is happening or to reach out to someone who has shared your journey for some help and inspiration.  I am here for you.  Let Life Happen and The BREASTation are already here.  More will be added.  But, most importantly, I am here for you.  Just reach out and I will respond.  And to all of you for making Let Life Happen such a success for 6 years, I am indebted.  I am looking forward to making Year 7 the best one ever and with your help, it will be.  Thank you always!