Go With the Flow

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I can’t begin to tell you how many times when I needed or wanted to do something, I could not figure out a way to accomplish my goal.  The more that I struggled and stressed and looked for an answer outside of myself, the more I kept coming up empty.  And then I realized that after using my good energy for stress and strain, if I just sit back and relax and open up my mind to infinite possibilities, a solution always arrives.

The process reminds me of a river.  A river is always flowing so it doesn’t become stagnant like a pool of water.  And if I go with the flow and not keep trying to swim upstream against the flow, I can relax and float along and enjoy the wonder of all that surrounds me as I pass through day.  This allows for a flow of ideas and concepts to run through my mind and I can then trust my instincts to select the ones that are the best for me.

I also have learned that going with the flow allows me to be a part of something that is always so much bigger than the individual.  As soon as the focus is on who created something, the focus of the wonder of the creation is lost.  For instance, if I hear a song, it doesn’t matter who wrote it or for what label it was recorded or how much the singer or songwriter collected for the composition.  All that matters is that the song strikes a chord within me and makes me feel something special and that is all that matters to me.

So it is and can be with every single thing in my life.  I have found that in sharing any thoughts or ideas or plans with others always brings forth new ideas and new directions from those with whom I choose to share.  It doesn’t matter who contributes what to any given project that turns out well.  All that matters is that the finished product is the totality of all of the best that everyone had to offer and hopefully it will ultimately help so many others in ways that the creators will never know.

Going with the flow does not put pressure on any one person.  We can all float along in that same river, working together, sharing the best that each of us has to give without worrying about being judged.  Everyone has an individual perspective from which any matter can be seen so that the total is so much bigger than the sum of its individual parts.  That is how all matters can be resolved.  We just need to work together, contribute our individual best and at the end of the day, we will always be able to be proud of having done our best.

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