Charity organization sells holiday cards to benefit women facing breast cancer

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

I’m Taking Charge’s greeting card sales will fund educational resources on breast reconstruction options

This holiday season, the charitable organization I’m Taking Charge is selling greeting cards through their online store to help fund their efforts to teach breast cancer patients about their breast reconstruction options. Supporters can choose between two different card designs, and have the option of purchasing boxes which each contain one dozen cards, or simply making a donation in honor of a loved one who has been affected by breast cancer. When a donation is made in honor of someone else, I’m Taking Charge will mail a card to the honoree letting them know how the funds will support women who benefit from the charity’s resources.

During the month of November, artists and graphic designers from around the world submitted their greeting card designs to I’m Taking Charge through the organization’s Take Charge of the Card design contest. The charity invited the online voters to choose the winning design, which features a Christmas tree playfully decorated in garlands made of bras. I’m Taking Charge is also offering a runner-up’s design of a cozy-looking child against a backdrop of snow for shoppers who may want a more generic card.

I’m Taking Charge was conceived in 2013 after Executive Director Lynae Dodson worked as a medical device consultant in the breast cancer realm. In order to help a breast reconstruction medical device company better understand its audience, she engaged in around 150 interviews with women who had breast cancer. She was shocked to learn that far too many of these women had never heard about breast reconstruction from their surgeons, and some were only told about one specific procedure. Moreover, none of her interview subjects were able to name a single resource which provided them with the information they needed. Two years after her initial interviews, Lynae formed the I’m Taking Charge online community.

Lynae and the rest of her ITC team are asking holiday shoppers to help them continue their mission of educating and supporting women facing breast cancer through their online card sales. I’m Taking Charge hopes to raise a minimum of $10,000 with the effort. Supporters can visit the shop online at