To Those Who Care About Healthy Kids

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kids healty featureAs we patiently wait to find out whether Project Fit America won the $100,000 grant or one of the $25,000 grants from the Lids Foundation challenge, I started to think about all of those people who dedicate their lives to working with the kids.  In this particular context, I am not referring to those in the classrooms but rather those who work to engage the kids in physical activities in order to create physically healthy kids who will become physically healthy adults and although there are so many different groups, I want to acknowledge the physical education teachers.

She gives when there is no more to give and she fights when others would have given up a long time ago.  So, Stacey, thank you!  Our “lids” are off to you!

I was one of the fortunate ones.  I had one of those outstanding teachers in junior high school.  Her name was Miss Caporaletti and I know that I will never forget her and all that she taught us, not only with regard to the rules and regulations pertaining to a particular sport or activity but also about teamwork and fair play.  Everyone was encouraged to participate at whatever their level of ability and the only prerequisite was that you did your best.  She made physical activity fun. And at the end of the school day after conducting phys ed classes all day, she was still always there for us to engage in different sports activities whether it was soccer, field hockey, basketball, softball or volleyball or climbing ropes, jumping on a trampoline, walking on a balance beam, tumbling or utilizing other gymnastic equipment.  And she still found time to be our cheerleading coach, too!

Dedication to healthy kids was obviously her passion.  And such is the dedication to the PFA teachers who must also find time to work on writing grants to receive the necessary funds for the equipment that they need and to tend to other needs that the kids may also have because of the low income families in which the children may find themselves.  These are the teachers who, when the call to action came to get out the vote, wrote the songs, choreographed the dances, helped the kids make posters and signage and took the photos and shared them with all of us.  These are the teachers who engage every single student in every activity, no matter what physical or mental handicap a child may have.  These are the teachers who give all of their love and kindness to all of the students who in turn learn how to love and be kind to one another.  These are our true heroes.

To each and every one of you, I give you the thanks from all of us who recognize the outstanding work that you do and your contributions that you make to our communities.  We hope that our votes were enough to get the $100,000 grant but if not, please know that we did our best.  We wish you every success in finding the funds that you need in order to help your kids and with teachers like you, we know that you will succeed.

One final note:  Although not a phys ed teacher, how can we not thank Stacey Cook, the founder of Project Fit America who has dedicated her life to helping the kids through the organization that she founded 24 years ago.  If you ever have the good fortune to meet this dynamo, you will understand why the kids couldn’t have a better spokesperson.  She gives when there is no more to give and she fights when others would have given up a long time ago.  So, Stacey, thank you!  Our “lids” are off to you!

* Stacey has indicated that as soon as the awards ceremony has concluded tomorrow evening, she will let us know the outcome so we will post a bulletin with that information as soon as it is received.  Can’t wait!