Camp Kesem – For Kids Who Have Lost a Parent to Cancer

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

LLH network pressFrom our friends at Camp
I am reaching out to Mom, Dad and cancer bloggers for their support in promoting Camp Kesem’s “Give a Laugh” campaign this coming Mother’s and Father’s Day—see below and attached for details about the campaign. Would you consider helping us by sharing the Camp Kesem story and promoting our “Give a Laugh” campaign in your blogs and/or Tweets?
Camp Kesem is a college student-led network of free week-long sleep away camps and year-round social circles for kids aged 6-16 who have or have lost a parent to cancer. Kids affected by a parent’s cancer may be withdrawn, angry, anxious or sad—life as they know it has changed. Camp Kesem offers them a chance to reclaim their childhood and rediscover their laugh, with a week of fun and community, along with reunions and other events throughout the year.
The link to Mother’s and Father’s Day is obvious: What better gift to give Mom or Dad than the laughter and happiness of a child? So for this Mother’s and Father’s Day, Camp Kesem is sponsoring a viral “Give a Laugh” competition— collecting, posting and having people vote on their favorite “Give a  laugh” video. The competition starts on Mother’s Day and concludes with the winner being  announced via Facebook and our website on Father’s Day. The winning “Give a laugh” video(s) will be featured in e-cards offered by Camp Kesem for next Mother’s and Father’s Day.
Camp Kesem Background
There are more than three million children in the US impacted by a parent’s cancer. Today, Camp Kesem is reaching nearly 3,000 of those children, through our 41 college chapters in 24 states across the country. The demand unfortunately far exceeds the supply. 
I invite you to learn more about Camp Kesem through our website and videos: