Brem Foundation Kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Announces Hires

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

The Brem Foundation to Defeat Breast Cancer maximizes every woman’s chances of finding an early, curable breast cancer by providing expert education to women between the ages of 30-64 in the Washington, DC area about risk factors, screening options, self-advocacy, and physician training.

To date, the Brem Foundation has educated over 8000 women with its life-saving curriculum and provided access to over 400 diagnostic tests for women in need. Working alongside Chief Medical Director Dr. Rachel Brem and community partners in and around Washington DC, the Brem Foundation continues to expand its reach during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond, to ensure all women have education and access to the breast health screening they need.

Washington DC has the highest mortality rate from breast cancer in the United States, by far. “The Brem Foundation is working to change that,” says Board Chair Amy Leveton, “We know that early detection saves lives. 95% of breast cancers are curable when caught early.” As President & CEO, Andrea Wolf explains, “there has never been a more critical time for Brem to reaffirm its commitment to detecting breast cancer early so that fewer women die from it.”

Brem’s education is delivered by experts in the breast cancer field who use their industry knowledge to teach women how to take control of their breast health. The expert educators include the Brem Breast Imaging Fellows, who are trained radiologists specializing in breast imaging.

In addition to programmatic growth, the Brem Foundation has increased staff, preparing for future expansion and refinement of programs to accomplish its primary goal: saving lives. Julia Lichtman Kepniss, Director of Strategy and Programs, is responsible for growing Brem’s reach and mission by enhancing relationships with local partners and community organizations in the DMV. Juliana Cochnar, Director of Development has been fundraising for the breast cancer community for 15 years. Her work builds bridges from San Francisco to DC and beyond. Janeisa Lashley serves as Manager of Development and Operations to streamline systems and expand Brem’s portfolio of donors to maximize impact across the region.

For more information contact: Julia Kepniss, Director of Strategy & Programming,; 202-309-0480

Brem Foundation to Defeat Breast Cancer 202.649.0538