bioTheranostics Announces Collaboration with DeNovo Sciences to Evaluate Its Proprietary Cancer Biomarkers for Use in Liquid Biopsies

In In The News by Barbara Jacoby

Oct. 6, 2015…SAN DIEGO…bioTheranostics, Inc., a leader in molecular diagnostics for cancer, today announced a collaboration agreement with DeNovo Sciences, Inc., an innovator in the emerging liquid biopsy field, to investigate the technical feasibility of utilizing bioTheranostics’ proprietary biomarkers in the development of blood-based diagnostics. These proof-of-concept studies will leverage proprietary platforms to enable molecular characterization with bioTheranostics’ biomarkers using circulating tumor cells (CTCs) enriched and captured with DeNovo’s microfluidic platform to determine potential opportunities for further development in liquid biopsy.

Solid-tumor biopsy is the most common specimen used in cancer diagnosis, but often there is a lack of tissue biopsy material required to run the multiple tests needed at the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment. Liquid biopsy using a simple blood sample may provide an alternative when tissue biopsy material is unavailable or difficult to obtain, and may allow physicians to monitor changes in the tumor genome over time. Liquid biopsy-based tests could have important applications in early cancer detection, as companion diagnostics, and in disease monitoring.

”We are excited to work with DeNovo Sciences, which is at the forefront in technologies for liquid biopsy, to bring bioTheranostics’ proprietary science into blood-based diagnostics for cancer,” said Catherine Schnabel, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of bioTheranostics. “DeNovo Sciences has developed a differentiated platform that will allow us to recover CTCs for molecular characterization utilizing bioTheranostics’ high resolution cancer biomarkers. Our ongoing goal is the continued advancement of the molecular diagnostics field with new developments that address clinical unmet needs in oncologic testing.”

“We are pleased to provide our Jetta CTC system to bioTheranostics, a leader in molecular diagnostics for cancer,” said Yixin Wang, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of DeNovo Sciences. “We hope that the combination of our innovative liquid biopsy technology with bioTheranostics cutting-edge discoveries in gene expression profiling will continue to advance personalized cancer care and improve patient outcomes.”

About DeNovo Sciences

DeNovo Sciences, Inc., a privately held Michigan-based company, develops automated systems for rare CTC enrichment and single-cell analysis. The company’s precise, accurate, and reliable platform for research and clinical diagnostics development will allow healthcare professionals more time to focus on their patients’ therapeutic treatment and outcomes. The label-free Jetta 400 system performs all the required processing steps to isolate and execute downstream single-cell analysis including immunochemistry, DNA FISH and mRNA FISH, while the VanGuard imager analyzes the prepared slide automatically. For more information, visit

About bioTheranostics

bioTheranostics, Inc., is a leader in helping physicians improve the care and management of cancer patients, offering a suite of proprietary molecular diagnostic tests that allow treatment to be tailored to individual patients. The company’s Breast Cancer IndexSM helps oncologists make difficult decisions about extended endocrine therapy for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer patients based on its unique ability to predict risk of late disease recurrence and identify which patients are likely to benefit from continuing therapy beyond five years. Its CancerTYPE ID® is the most rigorously validated gene expression test for metastatic patients with diagnostic ambiguity, helping physicians determine optimal site-directed treatment regimens with the goal of improving patient outcomes. bioTheranostics, a bioMérieux company, is based in San Diego. For more information, visit