Bard1 Life Sciences (ASX:BD1) reveals tech’s efficiency in detecting breast cancer

In Clinical Studies News by Barbara Jacoby

By: Samantha Goerling



Australian diagnostics company Bard1 Life Sciences (BD1) has revealed its SubB2M technology can detect all stages of breast cancer from a blood sample.

Research completed by the Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics found the technology could detect the cancer with 100 per cent specificity and 95 per cent sensitivity.

“A non-invasive, accurate and reliable blood test for monitoring breast cancer has the potential to enable earlier detection, inform treatment decisions and improve health outcomes for women diagnosed with this deadly cancer,” said BARD1 CEO Dr Leearne Hinch.

In a presentation at the Lorne Cancer Conference, Dr Lucy Shewell from the institute reported that SubB2M can detect Neu5Gc glycansm a particular biomarker which is elevated in patients with all stages of breast cancer.

Given the demonstrated ability of the technology to detect the biomarker, it was concluded that it has the potential to both detect and monitor the disease.

It follows last week’s news that SubB2M can also detect all stages of ovarian cancer with 100 per cent specificity and sensitivity.

“There is potential to combine the detection of the Neu5Gc biomarkers by SubB2M with antibodies that recognise the cancer-specific biomarkers decorated with Neu5Gc,” explained Griffith University Professor Mike Jennings.

“Work to develop a breast cancer-specific test using this dual detection approach is already underway, supported by the Biomedical Translation Bridge grant from the federal government awarded to BARD1 to support work at Griffith University and the University of Adelaide,” he added.

Bard1 expects to be able to report on the outcomes of the SubB2M ELISA test validation studies by the end of September.