Another Wonderful Day

In Breast Cancer, Creating Happiness by Barbara Jacoby

Yahoo!!!  With the awesome talents of an internist, a cancer surgeon, a cosmetic surgeon and an anesthesiologist, the blood pressure situation was managed so that my double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery were successfully completed last Thursday and recovery is well under way.  I feel so fortunate to have had such skilled medical people there to remove the cancer, to take aggressive action to remove the second breast and to start the reconstruction and to wake up feeling like I had just had a great night’s sleep. 


Of course, Kirk was right by my side before and after the surgery and his sister and mother both came to the hospital to support him and me.  He has not missed a beat with taking care of every little detail since to make sure that I have had nothing to do but rest and relax.  I just don’t know how someone gets through such times without the support of someone who is so loving and caring and willing to do whatever is necessary.  I just know that each day as I wake I truly appreciate another wonderful day that has been given to me.


And I sure didn’t realize how many wonderful other family members, friends and co-workers that are in my life who have been so supportive and forthcoming with prayers and good wishes and offers of assistance.  I must say that I feel so very special and it is all of that wonderful positive energy that helped to diminish the negative impact that such an experience can create for someone going through such a major traumatic experience.


This week’s writings will be a little short because I am starting to get stiff and sore but I just couldn’t let a Tuesday go by with a posting and to thank everyone who has contributed to giving me each and every new wonderful day.