Another Wonderful Day Too

In Breast Cancer, Creating Happiness by Barbara Jacoby

Today was my first doctor’s appointment since my double mastectomy 12 days ago and I was so delighted to have both drain tubes removed along with all of the bandages.  I am so pleased that the healing has proceeded so well and I am now going to be released to return to work on Monday, just 2 ½ weeks after surgery.  While I am still sore I know that by then I will feel so much better but mentally I am already there.  While I have a number of additional appointments wherein the expanders that were inserted at the end of my surgery will be expanded to create my new breasts, the toughest part is over and the last of the cancer has been removed.


I find that I am already getting bored being at home.  I truly enjoy working but more importantly I have some absolutely awesome family, friends and co-workers who I really miss.  I have received so much support, wonderful messages and prayers and I am looking to thanking so many people in person.  I also find that I am not good at sitting around and relaxing.  When I do so, my focus on what I want to do and where I want to go seems to disappear and all I am able to think about is myself, how I am feeling and I tend to think only the physical pain.  To me that is a complete waste of my energy.  Today I turned a corner and have no intentions of ever looking back.


Once again this week’s blog will be shorter than usual as I need to rest and relax and I must admit that having to sleep sitting up for so many nights has taken a bit of a toll.  But this too is nearing an end and I will be back in full swing very soon.  What another wonderful day!