A Mother’s Day Gift for Everyone

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Today is Mother’s Day, the day that we honor and do something special with and/or for our mothers.  For me, my mother is no longer living but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have my own special way of honoring her memory.  I also recognize that there are lots of people who have never had a positive relationship with their mothers.  And as I thought about all of the different circumstances in which people find themselves on Mother’s Day, I found a way to make this day special for everyone.

The first thing that I think of when I think of mothers is that they are nurturing.  No matter how young or how old we are, we still turn to our mothers to provide us with that special hug, kiss, love, reassurance or support to make it through any situation.  But for those whose mothers are no longer present or whose mothers may never have been present, that special element is missing.  However, there is a way to create that special feeling and it comes from within us.

Today and every day, I plan to take a bit of time and set it aside to clear my mind and review the events of my day.  In that time, I am going to think about any events of the day that had a negative impact on me and try to understand the dynamics of them and then throw them away.  I will do this as a way of nurturing myself and taking care of myself and wanting and doing the best for myself just like my mother would have done if she were present.  I will think about her every day and know that this is exactly what she would tell me to do and what she would want for me.

By dealing with a negative and getting rid of it and not allowing it to cloud my life day after day, I am not only reducing my stress but I am creating for myself the positive world in which I want to live.  If someone has behaved badly, why should I give their bad behavior all of my good time and energy rather than focusing on some sort of positive things that I can do in order to create a better world for myself and for others.  Why should I care if someone else is mean and angry and bitter and decided to take it out on me?  Why should I spend hours or days or weeks or a lifetime hating them or not speaking to them or allowing who and what they are as negative people to continue to intrude in my life?  No, I am not going to allow this in my life and I know that my mother would want this for me. 

So, to all of the mothers out there and to each and every one of their children, think about the nurturing mother that you have or maybe know. Give to yourself that nurturing and caring and loving each day.  Let it help you to remember your mother or the mother figure in your life and to be so grateful to them for what they have given to you. Carry that forward by nurturing yourself and creating a better person in you who will be a positive force in the world.  What greater way can we honor our mothers on Mother’s Day and every day of the year?

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