A Hole in My Pre-Holiday Spirit

In Creating Happiness, Recent Posts by Barbara Jacoby

It is 0nce again nearly time to get our home ready for the holidays. I have the Christmas cards that will be sent to those that I want to send special greetings since I won’t see them during the holidays. But, I didn’t feel like writing them and I didn’t feel like shopping and I couldn’t figure out why there was a problem with my holiday spirit for the first time ever. So I decided to take the time this morning and think about it and try to figure out what is going on with me and I realized there is a hole in my holiday spirit.
“We are all in this together so why not do everything that we can to make it the best holidays ever for all of us who wish to share in the joy of the season.Barbara Jacoby
What I realized is that this holiday season seems to be unlike any that I have ever prepared for in the past. I have never seen so many unhappy, depressed and just downright mean people everywhere. It is hard to feel the holiday spirit coming when there is none of it around you. So many people are so into themselves and are taking out their frustrations on others. I hear them blaming others for their own mistakes, abusing their power when they are in a position to have “control” over others and having no care about the destruction that they are leaving in their paths. There are people that I know that if you had asked me, I would have told you they were never capable of treating others the way they are doing at this time. And all of this negativity is just fostering lots more of the same thing.
I understand that the current economy has made a huge difference for many people but it is the tough times that have always brought all of us closer together in the past. And I know from personal experience that the holiday spirit not about “stuff” but rather it is about love and caring and sharing. So now that I have figured out what is going on, I need to find a way to create enough holiday spirit around me and to spread it far and wide.
Since I realize that lots of the bad behavior will continue, I have once again turned to my God for help and answers for a plan to counter this and decided to give something extra to the recipients of this bad behavior rather than trying to do anything about the creators of the havoc. For every deed that I see that takes something away from another person, I will try give something positive back to them. After all, I do believe that there are far more good people out there than those who choose to abuse their power, their money and their strength and who hold an attitude that they are better than others.

This is the way that I see where there will be strength in the numbers and I do believe that if others will join me in doing the same, we can create the best holiday season ever. It doesn’t cost you a single cent, it makes another person feel so much better and it will make you feel better about yourself, too. We are all in this together so why not do everything that we can to make it the best holidays ever for all of us who wish to share in the joy of the season.