A Father’s Day Remembrance

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If you have ever visited the Let Life Happen website and checked out the LLH music, you may have noticed that on the back cover of our CD there is an image that shows two empty chairs.  This photo was Kirk’s and my tribute to our fathers who are no longer alive.  We wanted to remember them for everything that they did for us and for everything they meant to us and it was our way of including them in our project.  For both of us, our fathers are still a regular part of our lives through our thoughts and reminiscences.  And each year when Father’s Day rolls around, I am rather sad that they are not here so that we can share the day with them.

This year I feel differently.  Just because our fathers are not here physically does not mean that they can not be remembered and celebrated in our lives.  I have decided that this time for the first time in the 21 years since my father’s death, I am going to celebrate my father on this Father’s Day.  I may not be able to give him a shirt or a tie or cook him his favorite dinner but that doesn’t mean that my recognition on this special day is anything less meaningful.  I am going to share my father with you as my tribute to him.

My dad was a wonderful man.  He and my mom were married for 47 years and had 3 children.  My dad was totally dedicated to his family.  He worked very hard to support and provide for all of us since he and my mom thought it best for her to be at home with the kids.  He sacrificed a lot for his family but did it because he wanted for his kids to have it better and easier than he did.  He had all three of his kids in college at the same time and knew that it would be a very expensive proposition so he made us a deal.  If we would work during the summers and put that money toward our college education, he would know that we were serious about our learning and he would pay for the rest.  Not only did we learn a very valuable lesson about working for what we wanted but also we understood the value of a father who was willing to do what was necessary so that we would be able to start our professional lives without any debt.

These things are just a couple of examples of the caliber of the man that was my father.  He was kind and loving and giving and he taught us so much about work and ethics, integrity and respect and just about anything else that we needed in order to make decisions as adults that would have made him proud.  He truly gave to all of us a wonderful life and I am so glad to have this opportunity to acknowledge him on this Father’s Day for everything that he was and is to me.

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