A Christmas Message From the Heart

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I must say that I am quite distracted at the moment . The Christmas tree lights are lit, I am watching a holiday movie that I haven’t seen before and I am enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa with a holiday cookie. There are so many things running through my mind right now but none of them have to do with social media. After the week that I have had and with Christmas next week, I am viewing things from a rather different perspective. But, let me explain.

I give you my wish for a very Merry Christmas and hope that your todays are always as special to you as all of your Christmases put together.Barbara Jacoby

My plans were to basically take a “mental” vacation from the Internet and only allow for a couple of hours of work each day this week but that didn’t work out very well. I wanted to go to the mall and wander around to enjoy the decorations and to see whether I could get inspired with some gift ideas but that option never became a reality. I wanted to bake some Christmas cookies for the first time in years but I didn’t even get to the store to purchase the ingredients. And all of a sudden, Christmas is right around the corner and nothing that I planned to do has been accomplished. However, it finally dawned on me that while I was so busy worrying about the future, I was actually missing the joy of the present.

Maybe I wasn’t able to focus on what I had planned on doing but I had my own very special decorations and music and movies surrounding me while I worked on projects that will give so much more to a larger community than any present could ever do. Maybe I wasn’t inspired with ideas about what presents I might purchased for those who are most important in my life but I was inspired with ideas of ways that I could make a difference for some people who were most in need of my help at this time of the year. And maybe there isn’t even a single present under the tree for Christmas but that’s fine with me because not a single thing could ever compare to the time spent with those who we love.

Yes, I have a new perspective of life. As a result, I don’t plan to give another thought to what will happen tomorrow or on Christmas or next week or next year. Nothing ever turns out the way we think it will anyway so why do we spend so much time planning and worrying and scheming, etc. for a future that we have no idea about what it will bring. I am going to enjoy the moment in which I am currently living. I will enjoy the selection and preparation of the food that we will share today without focusing on what to do for next week’s Christmas meals. I will watch my Christmas movies over and over again and appreciate the lights of the season and all of the Christmas cards that i receive and be so grateful for the special people who I have in my life. And when the big day arrives next week, it will be just as special to me as is today because it will be spent with the person who is most important to me. And on that note, I give you my wish for a very Merry Christmas and hope that your todays are always as special to you as all of your Christmases put together.