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Manual on How to Molest Children Is Legal

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Child Abuse 300x200 Manual on How to Molest Children Is LegalI ran across this story today and I can’t believe what I read.  This is a true story that was reported on ABC News’ website and I can’t remember the last time when I was as livid as I am because of the information contained in the story.  In case you didn’t want to follow the link and read this, here it is in a nutshell.  A police department in Florida received a copy of a 170-page manual that explains in detail how to molest a child, how to find children to molest and how to convince a child to not tell his/her parents.  The police department has indicated that this piece has been in their hands for the last 6 months as they have been trying to track down the writer, someone who refers to himself as “the mule”.  But to email or possess the manual is not a crime.

I have to believe that if this manual has been in the hands of a police department for a half of a year, this piece has probably had a really wide distribution especially throughout the child molesters’ communities.  And to think that within a six-month period, the police still have not been able to track down its origin is really rather frightening.    

I haven’t the slightest idea about what to do or how to help in such an investigation and I am really quite sad about that.  The only thing that I could think to do is share the story here so that more people become aware of what is going on and perhaps that will include someone who might be able to help.  In addition, sharing this story may serve as a reminder to all people, especially parents, to keep an eye out for the children and to report any suspicious behavior.  If we all become just a little more diligent about being aware of our surroundings, perhaps we can avoid some of the attacks on the children that are happening.  We try to teach our children what to do about child predators and then we go mindlessly through our own days.

The other thing that is so very important is to be aware of changes in the behavior of the children around you.  Take the time to find out what is going on or what is bothering them and be prepared to act and react in a way that is supportive to the child if he/she has been a victim of such criminal activity.  And if the child knows who the perpetrator was, you must immediately contact the authorities, even if you might not want to so because it is a family member or friend, etc.  You are not trained to get to the truth and it is always better to err on the side of the child than to dismiss it.  And even if it is a situation where you think your child may just be seeking retribution, talk to your family doctor immediately for assistance with a physical exam and referrals to other medical personnel and agencies that can assist with the psychological aspects of your child’s health.  Any child who indicates that he/she is the victim of abuse, whether real or created, needs professional help.

Child abuse in any form will harm our children and if it is not dealt with, it will affect them for the rest of their lives.  Don’t let your children grow up to believe that the behavior inflicted on them by others is allowed to go unpunished.  Don’t let them for one minute believe that molestation is their fault.  Don’t let them think that when a perpetrator tells them that the act is done out of love that they hold on to this as being love in any form.  With the help of everyone in our communities, we can make a difference in protecting the children from those who think that it is okay to write a manual about how to abuse these same children.  Thank you for your help!!!

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  • Schedule

    You you could make changes to the page name Manual on How to Molest Children Is Legal : Let Life Happen to something more suited for your content you write. I loved the blog post nevertheless.

    • Barbara Jacoby

      Thank you so much for the comments. I welcome your opinion although I must admit that I don’t understand. This website is specifically dedicated to two objectives, one of which is providing support for abuse survivors and information about those things that are happening in connection with abuse. This particular blog was written to inform readers that there is a manual on how to molest children that appears online and that there is nothing illegal about it being there for anyone to reference . I do believe that abuse victims would want to know about it and have a right to know about it and I do have a series of blogs that specifically pertain to abuse in all of its ugly forms.

  • Mandi

    I’m practically speechless! It sickens me that it’s out there. But I don’t think these guys need a manual to learn how to do this. They usually learn from their own experience and there are so much info on what to look for in child molesters these days. These guys know that they need a quiet child or somebody that looks like an easy victim. It’s very sad that they can’t find who made the manual. Even so, if it’s not illegal there’s not much they can do. Thanks for sharing with us. I’m shocked!

    • Barbara Jacoby

      You can be sure that whoever wrote it is an abuser and I pray with all of my heart that they find him and prosecute him for every single victim that he has hurt. Mostly, I hope that those who read what I wrote understand that we all need to look out for and protect the children and when we can’t protect them before something happens then we need to help them in every way possible if/when they become victims. I am so sorry for every single child whose life is change forever as a result of these sick people.

  • xrazorwirex

    I don’t think you understand; making something illegal does not make it magically disappear, it just keeps it underground.

    Anyone who cares about protecting their children should be glad that they won’t get sent to prison for reading this so-called manual so they can understand the tactics employed by these people and learn to combat it more effectively.

    • Barbara Jacoby

      I appreciate your comments and point of view and I thank you so much for sharing here. I do understand that making something illegal does not make it magically disappear. I also understand that there are manuals available online that tell us how to build a bomb. However, I do believe that the only people who would be interested in reading either manual are those who intend to molest or intend to build a bomb. Personally, I don’t need to read either manual in order to know what the outcome will be. And I am a big proponent of taking measures to prevent something from happening rather than reacting to something after the fact. That is why I am not asking for people to make this activity illegal but rather let them know what is going on so that they may put themselves in a better position to help the children by watching out for them. In doing so, they just might keep more children from becoming victims of molesters.

  • Rose

    This is a hard thing for me to talk about but sometimes things need to be said.
    I personally find this to be unbelievable, after all the controversy surrounding child molestation and this is legal? I just don’t get it. When I was 7 I was molested by a family member, who then stopped and started again when I was 11. My parents knew about it and tried to do something about it but the magistrate did not believe me, and the case was dropped. This person is still part of the family, and I have been around him and I am constantly hearing about him and his family, through my family. I often wonder how many other children he has done this to and if he still does this. I know the technique in which these sickos use to molest, so I will always be on the look out for young children in need of help especially, when it comes to this kind of a situation. This is disturbing in more ways than I can say, or think about. I sincerely hope the author is found and punished for writing such trash. I doubt that will happen but we can only hope.

    • Barbara Jacoby

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I know that that was really difficult and appreciate what you have done means so much more than you know. I am sorry that your parents gave up on you so easily. Even if the magistrate had believed you, that would never have been enough to help you with dealing with what had happened to you. I don’t know whether you are in a position to fight for yourself by letting your family and his family know that you do not wish to hear anything about him and whether you are able to remove yourself from his presence. If you can’t, I would suggest that you have a private talk with your parents and request that they keep him out of your life. If you can’t get satisfaction that way, perhaps there is a trusted relative to whom you can turn, or your doctor, etc. One way or another, please find someone to whom you can turn in order to help you. If you can’t find anyone, please return to this site and we will chat privately and perhaps we can find someone to help you. You deserve it. Thank you again so much for sharing. It helps others as well as it helps you.