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Let Life Happen Celebrates a Decade of Breast Cancer Support

It was just a few days into the 2008 New Year when I received a call from my oncologist to ...
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Doctors and Their Role in Motivating Cancer Patients

It is that time of the year again for me to get my annual physical with my primary care physician ...
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New Cancer Therapies and Their Side Effects

It seems as though every time I do my daily research as a cancer patient advocate, I find something that ...
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A Fantastic New Year for All of Us

As I started preparations this morning for the return to my normal schedule next week for the first time in ...
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Does the Spirit of Christmas Always Shine Through?

At the beginning of this holiday season, we once again saw the many stories about people who did not believe ...
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The Gift of Time for Cancer Survivors

Earlier today, I was remembering a commercial that ran a few years ago. It opened with a card that read ...
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A Christmas Gift From a Cancer Survivor

I recently ran across a quote that I posted that gave rise to so many thoughts that I just had ...
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The Importance of Being True to Yourself After Cancer

I have spent most of my life as a "people pleaser". My happiness and sense of worth was always measured ...
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By: Carolyn Crist From: Cancer patients with hot flashes related to hormone therapy should know that these uncomfortable symptoms ...
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Source: From: Clinical trials of new anti-cancer therapies have often excluded patients whose disease has spread to the ...
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Source: University of Zurich From: Nowadays, melanoma and lung cancer can be combatted effectively through immunotherapy, which makes targeted ...
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On January 27, 2018, Dr. Patrick Hsu and Dr. Kendall Roehl, together with Memorial Plastic Surgery’s staff and patients, are ...
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By: Zikria Syed From: It is an exciting time in the pharmaceutical industry. According to industry organization PHRMA, there ...
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In my desire to make improvements to my life for the future after my cancer diagnosis, I realized that in order to move forward [...]
Sat, Jan 13, 2018
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I recently read about a woman who was celebrating the completion of her 12th and final Taxol (chemotherapy) treatment. She [...]
Sat, Jan 06, 2018
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Every year when the Christmas holidays are over and our thoughts turn toward the New Year, I am intrigued by all of the lists [...]
Sat, Dec 30, 2017
Source Huffington Post
For so many people, the Christmas holidays can be the hardest time of the year. A loved one may be absent for any one of [...]
Sat, Dec 23, 2017
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Let Life Happen Founder Barbara Jacoby

Barbara Jacoby is an award winning blogger that has contributed her two time Breast Cancer journey, patient advocacy mission and Domestic Abuse experience to multiple online publications that have touched readers worldwide. Her high quality, high content and high energy writings are delivered in a down to earth and humble style that everyone remembers.While becoming an ambassador for Survivors and Patient’s Rights, Jacoby has also shared her skills with the Walt Disney Company for 20 years. Read More

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